Full Flavour Wine

Half The Alcohol

Half The Calories


Why Choose 6Percent?

Bordeaux Wine

Arguably the best wine region in the world.

Half the Alcohol

6% ABV - less than half the alcohol of a regular wine.

Half the Calories

Lighter sips for a more balanced lifestyle.

Balanced Drinking

A drink for when you want to indulge without overindulging.

How We Make Our Wine

Full flavor, fewer compromises. Explore our unique approach to winemaking.


High quality grapes are picked in our Bordeaux vineyards.


Grapes are pressed and wine is created.


Using innovative technology we gently reduce the alcohol.


We blend together a unique variety of wines and grapes.


Viola, our delicious wine is bottled fresh and ready for you to enjoy.

Best of Both Worlds!

6Percent has pioneered a new category of mid-alcohol wine. Great tasting wine doesn’t need head spinning amounts of alcohol.

No Alcohol Wines

Full-Strength Wines

Units of Alcohol (125ml glass)




Calories (125ml glass)




Embrace a Balanced Lifestyle

Has a Rich and Full Flavour

No Compromise Option

Got Questions? We're Here to Help!

What is the difference between 6Percent wine and regular wine?

6Percent wine has half the amount of alcohol than regular wine yet unlike other wines, still retains great taste and quality. We have produced our wine in Bordeaux, the best wine region in the world. Using wine making know-how and the most advanced technology, we have created a unique blend of delicious tasting wine at only 6% abv.

Does 6Percent taste the same as regular wine?
What types of grapes are used in 6Percent wine?
Will I get a hangover if I drink 6Percent wine?

Unveiling The Future Of Wine: The 6Percent Story

Find out more about how Russell, Jason, and Gabriella - the founders of 6Percent - decided to revolutionize the wine industry and pioneer an all-new and modern category.

Great Tasting

We spent 2 years creating our delicious wine with experienced wine-makers from the best region in the world. 

Free Shipping

You get free shipping on orders over £30. Because good things come to those who drink more wine.

Vegan Friendly

Crafted for full flavour and a vegan lifestyle. So everybody can enjoy our wine.