Our Story

As wine lovers, husband and wife, Russell and Gabi were frustrated at being restricted by high alcohol volume of wine and generally unsatisfied with alcohol free wine alternatives.

As entrepreneurs and Business Change Project Managers, they previously founded a successful wine tasting events and retail company (SipIt Wine). Following feedback from 10’s of thousands of clients on the limitations of alcohol strength, it was apparent that they weren't alone.

They set out to use well loved grapes and partnered with incredible producers in arguably the best wine regions in the world, Bordeaux.

The Missing Marketing and Commercial Piece

In from stage right comes Jason, a well respected AlcoBev marketeer who previously held senior roles at Diageo, Pernot Ricard and Suntory. He has expertly shaped the marketing and commercial strategy for 6Percent.

Together we set out to modernise the way we drink wine for a more balanced lifestyle.

Find your balance, without compromise

Our modern lifestyle craved a great tasting wine option to help us balance life and pleasure. Frankly, switching between full strength and no-alcohol was a headache...

Now we have created the perfect option to indulge without overindulging in our favourite situations: with friends, at home, at lunch, mid-weekers…

...in fact, we’d love to hear the occasions that you 6Percent - make sure you tag us in your socials.

Our Wine Journey So Far...

The First Step

In 2017 when Russell and Gabi, a food and wine-loving couple, felt frustrated by the complexity of the wine world. They noticed others share their confusion, leading them to create Sipit Wine, a business that simplified wine education through fun and inclusive tasting events and e-commerce store.

Listening and Learning

Over six successful years, one thing was clear - wine lovers wanted an a lighter alcohol option, much like the beer world had achieved. Where having more than 2 glasses wouldn't have such an affect the next morning.

The question

With no other lighter alcohol options in the world market we asked, "Can we create a truly delicious wine with less alcohol? And we REFUSED to create a drink that didn't start from delicious full strength wine, like some zero-alcohol brands

Building the Perfect Blend

It wasn't easy...through countless trials and errors, we worked with our producers to diligently craft a range of lighter wines that didnt compromise on full flavour. The team pursued their mission to offer a new way to enjoy wine, one sip at a time.

The Power of Collaboration

Recognising the need for expertise beyond their own, they were thrilled to welcome Jason, a seasoned AlcoBev marketing and No/Low specialist, to the team.

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